The Great Debate!

Should School Hours Be Changed to 11-6pm?

Today, the Grade 7 and 8’s debated the merits of having a school day between the hours of 12pm and 6pm. They presented their arguments to the three judges, Mrs. MacKinnon, Ms. Clarke and Ms. Allardyce, lawyers in their professional life.

The students were divided into two teams, one arguing for the change, one arguing against the change.

All three judges agreed that both sides provided very strong arguments and it was only after a lengthy discussion that they were able to decide the winner of this debate. They were also very impressed on how well spoken all students were, the strength of the arguments provided and the enthusiasm of all participants.

The ruling:  NO CHANGE!

This event was enjoyed by all participants, so much so, that all agreed that a rematch needed to be scheduled for March.