Spring Forward!

Most Canadians will be moving their clocks an hour ahead on Sunday, March 10 for the switch to daylight time, and many will wake up bleary-eyed and drowsy, because of a slightly shorter rest.

But take heart: the missing hour will mean a longer sleep when the clocks go back on Nov. 3. The time changes are scheduled for 2 a.m. to create the minimal amount of disruption to daily life. It is commonly called daylight savings time.

A quote often attributed to Winston Churchill, a man known for his oratorical prowess, says we pay back the loan of an extra yawn in spring with the “golden interest” of a lengthier snooze in the autumn.

Daylight time, which was first enacted in Germany during the First World War to save energy, aims to take advantage of daylight hours by pushing the clocks ahead in the spring so people don’t sleep through the first couple hours of sunshine.