Principal for the Day

Principal for the day

Mia decided on the following activities:

  • No homework for all students
  • Free play in the gym for all classes

Today Mia began her day with a hot chocolate from Tim Hortons.  Mrs. Hicks informed her that there were no appointments or calls to be returned.  She went through some mail and decided what should go into recycling!  Mia decided that due to the rain she would call an indoor recess over the paging system.  She did have to decline some requests from teachers, such as a raise, and days off!  Sorry teachers!  Mia ended her day helping out in the grade 2 library class.  She chose students to read passages from a Robert Munch book and had a book discussion after the book was read.  Finally she helped students return and take out books.  A busy day!  Job well done!