Polar Expressions Submission

Below is an award winning submission to Polar Expressions by grade four student Paige LeBlanc.

Prince and Princess School

Once upon a time in a far away land where there were many kingdoms ruled by many royal families. The young princes and princesses would go to a special royal school when they were fifteen to learn royal things like manners, dancing, singing and learning how to protect themselves.

Mileah was a princess but not a girly princess. She liked riding horses, archery and animals but she’s shy around people.

Prince Adam is nice he likes riding horses and sword fighting. He doesn’t like fancy clothes and girly girls.

The school is called The Academy of Royal Training. Today is the first day of school for Mileah and Prince Adam. Quickly Mileah sees she is not like the other girly princesses. Prince Adam sees that the school is full of girly princesses. They spent their first week doing classes they hate like sewing for Mileah and dancing for Prince Adam. Finally on Friday they had horseback riding which they both like, except he thought the girls looked silly riding side-saddle. Suddenly out of nowhere Mileah starts racing horse, Prince Adam wonders who she is and stands with amazement. Then she starts doing cool tricks. Prince Adam thinks he has to meet this girl. Prince Adam walks up to Mileah and gives her a smile. Then Mileah thinks who is creepy boy smiling at me then Mileah runs away. Prince Adam thinks did I scare her away or do I smell? Then he thinks of a plan to meet this girl. First, he thinks he’s going to challenge her to a sword fight, then he decides he might sing her a song. But then he thinks that might creep her out even more. So he goes with writing her a note.

‘’ Hi horse girl, ‘’ he writes, but then he thinks horse girl doesn’t sound nice. He then tries ‘’ Hello my name is Adam ‘’ and he writes that she was great riding her horse and he’d never seen a girl do that before. He asks if they could be friends. The next day he slips it in her locker. Mileah finds it and it makes her feel happy. She wants to find Adam to say yes. So Mileah goes to the principal to ask class Adam is in for second period. ‘’ Archery with you ‘’ says the principal. Mileah tries to think who Adam could be. Mileah can’t wait for second period because she’ll finally have a friend.