Pokemon Fever Hits GAA!

On Tuesday, Pokémon World Master Champion Andrew Estrada visited Glenn Arbour Academy – the place where his amazing journey in the world of Pokémon started.  Andrew spoke with the students and answered many of their questions regarding Pokémon.  Later, Pokémon enthusiasts lined up to meet with Andrew one to one and have their favourite Pokémon card signed.

Throughout the last several years, Andrew has consistently remained humble regarding his success as provincial and national senior champion.  His humble nature continued as he decided to move into the Master’s division this year at the age of 16 (many of his opponents are in their early to mid 20s).  Since his rise to the top of the Pokémon world, Andrew continued his humble nature – a great example of sportsmanship.  Andrew has been very busy with interviews by local and international media; we are very thankful to Andrew for taking time in his busy schedule to come and give GAA students an exclusive visit!