The Reading program at Glenn Arbour Academy focuses on the development of reading skills, which will encourage students to become avid readers, both for knowledge and enjoyment.

In the Primary Grades a very structured, strong phonetic based program is presented. Application of reading strategies to read unfamiliar words and acquiring automatic recognition of words is emphasized. Attention is given to programming to meet the individual needs of the student. As students become involved in the reading of short stories, a description of the plot, characters and settings is required.

In the Junior Grades students are involved in progressively higher more complex reading selections. Emphasis is placed on fluency and expression. An application of a higher level of thinking skills, reflecting upon their personal experiences and previous knowledge will be required to further their reading comprehension skills.

In the Senior Grades students have the opportunities to engage in higher level independent novel studies, both fiction and non-fiction. Answers to reading assignments involve including specific detail and information from the text to support their answers. For completion of research projects students become engaged in analyzing higher-level reference material to support their results. A list of “selected references” is a must for each completed inquiry.

Retell   Relate   Reflect