Our exceptional music program teaches students to develop an understanding and appreciation of music as an art form. Practical skills will be learned that last a lifetime.

In the Primary level students enjoy choral singing and performances using Orff instruments. Music theory will involve note reading on the treble and bass clefs, following vocal and recorder scores and identifying elements such as measures, slurs, time signatures, and various dynamic symbols.

Junior and Senior levels will learn how to play keyboards, flute or guitar. As they advance through the grades, music theory will continue to build and develop. Knowledge of concept of tones and semitones, formulate major and minor scales, read intervals within an octave, time values of notes and rests, and key signatures.

Practical Application

Outside the classroom, we provide an array of extracurricular musical activities; choirs, instrumental ensemble and drum line. Our annual Christmas and Spring concerts provide an outlet for our students to showcase their talents. They also share their talents with the community by singing at retirement homes and churches.

MIDI equipped keyboards and computers are used as part of the teaching tools. The students will be able to score their creative works using state of the art music notation software. Finally, for all their hard work, the students will have the opportunity to professionally record themselves onto CD using our onsite recording equipment.