Learning a second language is an important advantage that students can have. The students at Glenn Arbour Academy have the opportunity to learn French starting in Junior Kindergarten!

The core French program at Glenn Arbour Academy begins in Junior Kindergarten. The Junior and Senior Kindergarten program emphasizes oral communication through speaking, singing songs and interactive activities. 

In grades 1 to 3 the French program continues to focus heavily on students’ oral communication while offering them opportunities to gain comfort with speaking and listening. Reading and writing are also used to support this learning as students explore the French language along with its grammar, pronunciation and phonics!


Grades 4 to 6 use the innovative and engaging EchosPro Program! The program offers many benefits including several intriguing themes and a modular format that is both challenging and enriching. Each unit leads up to a culminating project which will assess students on their reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities. Moreover, each unit is founded in topics that are not only interesting but useful and practical. The EchosPro program also offers an online digital learning platform which allows students and parents to access and complete aspects of the program either on a school or home computer!


Grades 7 and 8 engage in a thematic study of the French language each year. They work through the Ҫa Marche program which offers many benefits including intriguing themes, authentic learning and opportunities for enrichment throughout. Each unit leads up to a culminating project which allows students a chance to showcase a project balanced with the four components of French proficiency. Students may have the opportunity to organize and participate in a French Cafe, French Boutique or French Cinema!