The Junior and Senior Kindergarten Curriculum is strongly based on the importance of integrating young student’s two passions, learning and play,.  The students work in groups, and are encouraged to problem solve collectively and learn how to be a team player.  The students are actively engaged through hands on learning opportunities that integrate cross curricular authentic learning experiences.  Circle time plays a big part in the ‘Kindie’ classroom experience.  This is a time where the students are given an opportunity to share their learning through songs and games that incorporate the fundamental components of the curriculum.  The students use their knowledge of the sounds and letters of the alphabet to help them sound out words, and begin the fundamental steps necessary to begin reading.

Kindergarten students are involved in all areas of the program.  They begin French, Gym and Music in Junior Kindergarten.  Students are involved in both the Christmas and Spring Concerts, and Choir hosted throughout the year.  Being part of team begins in Junior Kindergarten and all students in Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten are placed in one the Highland Houses for their duration at the school.