Our computer curriculum includes a research component as well as computer applications. Learning how to use a computer productively allows for enhanced learning opportunities.

Our enriched technology classes will allow for successful learning of computer applications and research.

In our ever changing world it is essential for students to have a solid foundation and understanding of computer technology

  • Keyboard skills
  • Computer vocabulary
  • Learn to successfully search approved sites on the internet for specific results
  • Write reports
  • Design spreadsheets
  • Summarize information
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Hardware and software

At Glenn Arbour Academy, we use interactive whiteboards.  Coupled with a computer, the interactive whiteboard allows students with different learning styles to become more engaged during a lesson.  Both teachers and students can manipulate the displayed images simply by intuitive hand gestures on the board’s surface. Students enjoy writing and moving images on the board, when students enjoy what they are doing the learning process is greatly accelerated.
The effectiveness of the whiteboard is only limited by the teacher’s imagination. At Glenn Arbour Academy, our whiteboards are constantly being used for numerous subjects. In language arts, students can effectively work together to edit a composition by simply using the pen tray and the tools to highlight, circle and move text around the document with ease. In mathematics, graphs and charts come to life as students can see in real-time the implication of their equations. Younger students enjoy the manipulatives previously unavailable (e.g. saving a baby whale trapped in a shallow pool by adding the correct number of pipes to allow water into the pool). In science class, students can perform experiments that were traditionally impossible or even dangerous to do in a classroom.  Students can now assemble substances and compounds at the molecular level, perform dissections or travel the cosmos with a few gestures on the whiteboard. During music class, our younger students enjoy going to the board and tapping on an image of an instrument to hear what it sounds like or dragging images of the instruments to their rightful instrument family.  Music theory was traditionally a difficult subject for students to grasp. With the interactive whiteboard, students can easily manipulate notes on the board and instantly hear the resulting scales, chords or passages. These are just a few examples of how our interactive whiteboards are being used at Glenn Arbour Academy.