Music Monday

The students at Glenn Arbour Academy participated in the nation-wide event known as Music Monday.  Our Highlander Choir started our festivities with a moving performance of Mary Donnelly’s A Distant Shore.  The GAA Choir celebrated Music Monday with an encore performance of their Beatles Medley led by our enthusiastic choir director Miss Seifried.  At approximately 12:50 ETA, we tuned in on the Music Monday webcast and joined thousands of voices to perform I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing?) along with co-composers Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies and Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield.  Prior to the national sing-a-long, Commander Hadfield reminded us that, “Music makes us.  It’s such a very human thing.  It’s a way to celebrate and understand humanity itself.”

To close our Music Monday celebrations, the entire school (led by our own SB) sang Pharrell William’s Happy after the national sing-a-long.  Music is very much alive here at GAA – great job everyone!