Model UN

On February 22nd, 2017, the Highlander Debate team set out to Assumption High School’s second annual Model United Nations conference. Our 12 highlanders each represented various countries from around the world and were set to discuss world issues with many other representatives from different elementary schools all across Halton.
In the end, out of 105 students, only 10 awards for Best Delegate could be distributed. Glenn Arbour Academy is proud to announce that not only did we have the youngest competitors there, not only were we the smallest group present, but we were awarded HALF the medals up for grabs at the end of the day. Our debate team showed exceptional professionalism, decorum and a drive to participate throughout the day. They were commended by the MUN chairs and directors and hailed as exceptional public speakers who followed the United Nations guidelines and came out on top as the most prepared.
Well done to the entire team and a special congratulations to Holly, Darcy, William, Kate and Josh for their outstanding performances earning them awards and honourable mention! We are so proud of you!