Intramural Ball Hockey

After two very successful intramural soccer ‘seasons’, GAA students are looking forward to the Intramural Ball Hockey season.  Excitement was high as students rushed the gymnasium bulletin board to see the divisions and schedule.

Please refer to the schedule below.  All games start at 8AM sharp!  Parents are welcome to attend.

Date Team
April 8 Chicago vs Boston
April 10 Toronto vs Montreal
April 12 Chicago vs Detriot
April 15 Boston vs Toronto
April 17 Montreal vs Detroit
April 19 Chciago vs Toronto
April 22 Boston vs Montreal
April 24 Toronto vs Detriot
April 26 Chciago vs Montreal
April 29 Boston vs Detriot
May 1 Quarter Final 1    2vs 5
May 3 Quarter Final 2    3 vs 4
May 6 Semi – final
May 8 Championship 9:00am