Highlander Highlight

We are proud of every single GAA Highlander. This new feature will highlight some of our Highlanders and celebrate their acheivements both in and out of school.

Meet Sarah Gallagher.

UntitledGrade 8 student and recent two time Canadian Junior Golf Association tournament winner!

Sarah picked up a golf club at age 4 and began to play competitively only 2 years ago. “I love the challenge and the mental part of the game,” says Sarah.

Over the summer, Sarah played in 14 tournaments and has 2 more tournaments on the horizon before the end of the year. She will also be competing in the CJGA World Jr. Golf Challenge in December.

“GAA helps me to focus on the game. There’s not a lot of drama at school so when I leave school, I am already calm. I’m not thinking about what’s going on at school. I can focus on the hole and my game”.

When things don’t go as planned in her game Sarah’s strategy is “to forget the last hole, don’t think about the score and move on. You can’t be perfect. That’s the game!”
When the snow covers the golf greens, you’ll find Sarah ski racing. “My parents are either stressed for 5 hours (watching me golf) or 1 minute (watching me race)”.

As for the future, Sarah will be attending Dr. Frank J. Hayden Secondrary School for grade 9 continuing her golf training through their Sports Programme.
Sarah golf

She hopes to earn a scholarship to a Division 1 school like Stanford. “I just need to work hard and keep my grades up,”says Sarah.

We have no doubt we will be seeing Sarah in the LPGA in the near future!

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Congratulations, Sarah!