Halloween has come and gone.

Halloween has come and gone! But we wanted to update you on all of the fun things we were involved with during our Halloween celebration Wednesday October 30!

During opening exercise we had fun viewing all of the amazing and creative costumes students were wearing. The Kindie class taught us how to dance to the song YMCA! All students, teachers and even some parents joined in! We have lots of rhythm!

We had a visit from Clementine, a 7 year old lop eared, red eyed rabbit. All of the students really enjoyed her. She hopped around the students as they visited Mrs. MacKinnon’s office. There were many requests to have her as the school pet, not sure how Charlie would feel about that! Clementine will be visiting again in the future.

The haunted house that the grade 8 class created and hosted was a scary experience, enjoyed by all!

During the dance, one of our grade 8 students was the DJ. We listened to great music, had our fortune told, played ghost bowling, glow in the dark ghost golf, throw the spider, stuck our hands in some goopy stuff and tried to guess what it was. The students had the opportunity to guess how many candies were in 4 different containers, congratulations to those lucky winners of the candy! Finally students enjoyed looking at the very spooky and festive decorations that donned the gym. Thank you to the parents who helped decorate and cleaned up the gym. Students experienced Halloween crafts, lessons and activities in their classrooms

Congratulations to all of our Highlanders who donated over 500 pounds of food, for our Me to We, We Scare Hunger Campaign. Student Council members were proud to deliver the food to our local food bank.