Glen Eden Skip Trip, Grades 4-8, Friday March 10th (Full Day)

Grades 4-8 students are invited to attend a Full Day Ski Field Trip at Glen Eden, 5234 Kelso Road, Milton on Friday March 10th. The bus will depart GAA at 9:00am and arrive back at school for 3:00pm. Students must dress warmly (in casual/street clothes) for the weather. All students are required have hats, gloves, sunglasses, and snow/ski pants, and must bring a disposable lunch and water bottle. Helmets and ski equipment is available for rent. The field trip cost With Ski Rental is $40.00/student, Without Ski Rental is $30.00/student. Please note, there is no snowboard or tubing option for this field trip. Students are required to participate in a mandatory Ski Lesson upon arrival. Parents/guardians are required to sign and return an Informed Consent/Acknowledgement Waiver for their child, as well as field trip payment online. Sign up your child online today by clicking here.  Parents/guardians wishing to accompany their child skiing must fill out the following online Parent Form.