GAA Students Remember

This morning GAA hosted its annual Remembrance Day ceremony, and paid tribute to our soldiers.  Parents, family and friends were greeted by our Student Council President and Vice President.

We learned about Red Shirt day and how important it is to remember the efforts of our special Canadians who have fought for our freedom. Learning about the history of the Last Post was fascinating. A final farewell, symbolizing the fact that the duty of the dead soldier is over and they can rest in peace.  Watching the video that Mr. Baker created with relatives of the students and staff who fought and participated in the war was very sentimental.  Thank you Mr. Baker!

We heard different presentations from all of the classes.  These presentations included, Little Red Poppy sung by the JK/SK class.  We heard about the importance and significance the role different animals such as pigeons, horses, bears and cats played in the war.  The definition of Peace was presented by the grade 2 class and what it meant to them.  Students from grades 3-6 recited poems, Gone But Not Forgotten, Talking a Stand by John Bailey, We Wear a Poppy by Don Crawford, In Flanders Fields by John McCrae.  Finally the grade 7/8 class recited a tribute to the Peacekeepers.  Thank you to the choir of 8 girls, who sang, Peace by Wimmer, what a beautiful tribute!

We ended the ceremony with the students laying the poppies and wreaths they had made on our cross.

Thank you to all for your heartfelt presentations to honour all of our soldiers.  Lest we forget.