GAA Parent to be featured on Headline News!

A question often asked about our school is, “What makes your school so great?”. 

The quick and honest answer is, “We are a family oriented school with exceptional students and a great staff.”

Now along with great students come some amazing parents.  Here is one such example we want share via excerpts from correspondence between our director Mrs. MacKinnon and parent Ms. Julie Cole:

Ms. Cole:

Hey friends (who are not on FB much or at all),

I just thought I’d share a bit of exciting news.  Headline News (sister station to CNN) is launching a new parenting show called “Raising America with Kyra Phillips” and I am going to be a weekly contributor. I’m VERY excited. I will be on every Thursday starting on Feb 7th. I’ll have to fly to Atlanta once a month, and they’ll skype me in for the other weeks. Anyways – fun stuff!  Here is the announcement:

Hope you are all keeping well and have a great 2013!!

Mrs. MacKinnon:  Congrats Julie, you are so busy, don’t know how you do it!  I would love to let the GAA community know about this, can I put this on our blog and fb page?

Ms. Cole:  Sure you can! I’m also the parenting expert on CH Morning Live and do a segment monthly. I’ll be on Friday morning at 8:20am with travelling tips for families….there will also be video footage from our flight to Australia, which is HILARIOUS!