French Celebrities

Lights, camera, action!

If you were at Glenn Arbour at 11:00am on Thursday, May 10, 2012, you would have had the honour to interact with French celebrities. That’s right, we had our very own French celebrities here at GAA! Among the most well-known were celebrities like Céline Dion, Napoléon, Jacques Villeneuve, Patrice Bergeron and many others. Of course we did not have the real celebrities, but Glenn Arbour’s Grade 7 and 8 students did an excellent job at imitating a French celebrity of their choice.

As a year-end project, Grade 7 and 8 students became a French celebrity. They did everything from filling in a “Farcebook” profile (farce means joke) in French to dressing up like them. The idea behind the event was for students and parents to be able to interact with these celebrities (in French, of course!)

Students got to participate by voting for their favourite celebrities based on the following categories: Meilleure Imitation (Best Impersonation), Plus Élégant (Best Dressed) and Choix du Peuple (People’s Choice). Votes were tallied, the red carpet was laid and results were announced at our awards ceremony.

Congratulations to our winners:

Grade 7:

Meilleure Imitation (Best Impersonation) : Céline Dion (Cole)
Plus Élégant (Best Dressed) : Yvon du Yukon (Connor)
Choix du Peuple (People’s Choice) : Hugo (Govindi)

Grade 8:

Meilleure Imitation (Best Impersonation) : Victor (Patricia)
Plus Élégant (Best Dressed) : Jacques Villeneuve (Arron)
Choix du Peuple (People’s Choice) : Tintin (Evan)

Thank you to all students, parents and staff who came to participate in our event! That’s a wrap!

– Mlle. Wong