First Day of School

Organizing lockers on the first day of school is always exciting!

The day started off with a typical cool September morning. GAA teachers were trying to appear calm and relaxed but underneath the façade one could see the excitement brewing. One by one, the students started arriving. As they greeted old and new friends, the students’ discussions ranged from sharing their summer experiences to proudly showing their new backpacks and in one group – a discussion of Apple’s upcoming release of the newest iPhone.

Upon entering the gymnasium, the students quickly found their places as the morning assembly was about to begin. Meanwhile, moms, dads, aunts and uncles provided a paparazzi style of picture taking as digital cameras of all sorts were taking what will most likely be treasured moments frozen in time. If there was an award for “Group of Parents with the most Photos”, the undisputed champions would have been the parents for kindergarten. From this blogger’s perspective, there appeared to be more tears from the parents than the little ones!

After the morning assembly, the students and teachers did not waste time organizing lockers, desks and binders. One teacher even assigned a major project on the first day of class! Many of the younger students enjoyed their “walk-about” throughout the halls of GAA as their teachers showed them other classrooms and introduced them to other teachers and students. (We pride ourselves at GAA that kindergarten students can easily find and approach the “big kids” to help them whenever they need help.)

I can safely say there was not a dull moment in school today. Throughout the school, one could see the genuine excitement the teachers had while delivering lessons they perfected over time and at times merging them with new ideas (and technology); interactive whiteboards got a nice workout today. More importantly, it was great to watch the children fully immerse themselves into their learning environment.

Fittingly, as the excitement level rose throughout the day, the outdoor temperature rose accordingly. It wasn’t all work today at GAA; the children took advantage of the beautiful weather and were busy playing in the field. Some of the older students leisurely walked around discussing their place in the school as the intermediates while some of our junior kindergarten students discovered the sheer joy of just rolling down the little hills.

The first of many great days is now a memory. Onto day two…