First Day of School

Fresh uniforms, new shoes and an array of new back packs – it could only mean one thing.  It is the start of a new school year!  It was truly amazing to watch the students genuinely excited to be back at school.  Shortly after the morning exercises, everyone watched a fun slideshow that both introduced the staff and a peek at what they did during the summer.  The slideshow was followed by an entertaining yet informative video that featured Glenn Arbour Academy’s new climbing wall.

After the children waved good-bye to their parents, the familiar “hum” of activities quickly return to the halls of GAA.  Lockers, desks and binders were being organized, classroom procedures were being reviewed, and the younger grades did a quick tour of the school in order to familiarize themselves with the locations of various classrooms.  Charlie even joined some of the classes during their orientation and once in a while stopped by other classrooms to see how things were going.

By the end of the first day, everyone was still smiling and several parents even had a difficult time convincing their children that it was time to go home!