Elementary Track and Field U10

And the medal goes to…..

GAA is what we heard over the PA system all day on Friday May 9th!  Highlanders came home with 16 medals including a podium sweep in the girls 800 meter run, in the age 9 group. Many of our students finished in the top 5 and top 10 of their field and track events. Outstanding!

Overall we finished in the top 3 out of 24 schools!

The experience was fantastic, but what was more amazing was every Highlander runner was met by his or her teammates at the final corner of the track and cheered home with the same enthusiasm regardless of what place the runner was in.  We wore out a path in the grass from our home base to the finish line.  It was great to see how much delight everyone took in their fellow school mates accomplishments.   It was great to see the individual success our athletes had but is was even more rewarding to watch the sportsmanship and team work all students displayed.   A special thanks to all of the Coaches for their passion to all practices!