Earth Day/Week 2012

Last week was Earth Week and we started the week by each class creating an anchor chart about how we love the earth and what we can and do to take care of it. Every class read books like, Critter Earth Day and did activities relating to the book. Another of the activities done school wide was an Earth Day Promise. This was a hit for all students and grades. They enjoyed writing about how they are going to make a change in their lives. Plus they enjoyed reading and learning what other students are going to change.

Every morning at opening this week the grade 2’s talked about the small things we can do to make a difference. We also watched an inspirational clip on Felix Finkbeiner founder of Plant for the Planet. A German student, who when in grade 4 decided he was going to help make a difference.

Students were challenged to do things at home to bring in to share too. For example:  Upcycle Challenge and Earth Day Photo Submission. What we received from the Earth Day Photo Submission were photos of plants growing in a garden. To some it looks like little seedlings, but with a little computer enhancement they turned out to be masterpieces.

Our Green Team met daily to do hands on activities like picking up garbage around the school. In just one 15 minute recess we were able to pick up one garbage bag full of trash. They learned by doing, that just taking 15 minutes out of your day to pick up garbage can make a huge difference.

As we all learned this week even the small things make a difference, and if everyone does their part the earth will be a better, cleaner, greener place.