Discovering new passions: Clubs @ GAA

We are so fortunate to have enthusiastic, creative teachers who share their passions through our Clubs program! This year with over 15 different clubs, there is something for everyone. Students are learning new skills and explore new passions all in a safe and encouraging environment!
All our clubs celebrate different successes and accomplishments throughout the year.

Highlander Debaters @ MUN conference

Our Highlander Debate team returned from the Model UN competition where the team took home an Honorable Mention, and 2 In Room Gold Medals. Awesome job debaters!

The Library Helpers collected and packed up over 500 books donated by GAA students to donate the Ojibwa First Nations Library during Literacy Month.

Congratulations to the Green Team for their “End to Straws” campaign. They have lots planned for Earth Month including a plastic grocery bag campaign (donations welcome until April 23), Litterless Lunch Week (details coming soon) as well as upcycle projects!
Chess club has been working hard all year to improve their skills, teach new friends the game and learn some new tricks for the end of year Chess Tournament!

Cool, trick jump!

Skip Team is busy training for our annual Jump Rope for Heart event and learning some new skiptastic moves!

Diversity Club has been working hard all year to spread a message of inclusion and teaching students about our diverse community. Their recent International Food Market was a fun afternoon. Not only did they raise over $280.00 for The Downtown Burlington Refugee Alliance, but also students got to sample foods from over all over the world!

Diversity Council

Thank you to all the parents who brought in special dishes from all over the world. Students dined on food from Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan, South Africa, Scotland, England, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Canada and many more places. What a yummy day!

Check out Senior Art and Junior Art Clubs, our Choirs and Drumline Club at our upcoming Arbour Arts Week April 30- May 4, 2018.

Student Council serving Hot Chocolate during Charity Week

Student Council has put on a series of successful spirit weeks and charity fundraisers: lots of crazy outfits, fun and great school participation. What a great way to bring the student body together.

Junior Yogis, feeling zen!

Senior Yoga club is working on developing their Human Mandala and are looking forward to their Sun Dance class where they put yoga poses to groovy music!