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Highlander Highlight

Meet Namir Sarraf. Grade 3 student, mid fielder and sometimes striker for FCBEscola Toronto U9High Performance Team. An international affiliate of FC Barcelona, FCBEscola invited Namir to join their program after an intensive summer tryout session. “It was a really fun experience,” Namir explained, “The coachs are really nice!” Namir began playing soccer at 6… Read more »

Community Minded Citizenship

Giving Back “Together, we can make a world of difference.” – Craig Keilburger. Our program offers students many opportunities to give back to their local communities and communities around the world. We are proud to partner with many different organizations so that Glenn Arbour keeps at the heart of its foundation: community minded citizenship. Giving… Read more »

Self Confidence as a Program Goal!

Standing up in front of a large crowd is not easy! It requires confidence and skill and courage. Our daily student-led opening assemblies are designed to offer students a unique opportunity to develop their self confidence and public speaking skills. Students take turns making announcements, demonstrating their French skills, sharing current events, and learning about… Read more »

Computers & Technology @ GAA

GAA recently joined the over 5000 Canadian students for the Hour of Code. This world wide movement takes place in over 180 countries around the world with the sole purpose of inspiring students to learning coding. An important and significant aspect of our program is to ensure that students are age appropriately taught to make… Read more »

Highlander Highlight

We are proud of every single GAA Highlander. This new feature will highlight some of our Highlanders and celebrate their acheivements both in and out of school. Meet Sarah Gallagher. Grade 8 student and recent two time Canadian Junior Golf Association tournament winner! Sarah picked up a golf club at age 4 and began to… Read more »