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Introducing the Makerspace!

We are proud to introduce our new MAKERSPACE in the MAC. Our enriched academic program focuses on creativity and investigation through STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math). Students visit the MAKERSPACE with their classes and have the opportunity to explore, invent, create, tinker, develop, build and reflect! Given an opportunity to explore their ideas,… Read more »

Healthy Pursuits: Athletics @ GAA

Guest Post: Coach Scott Henderson: As we said goodbye to summer and ushered in the start of a new school year we also welcomed a fresh beginning of another active season with regards to athletics and participation in SSAF. A new year means new student athletes and brand new school teams, new opportunities, exciting times… Read more »

Discovering new passions: Clubs @ GAA

We are so fortunate to have enthusiastic, creative teachers who share their passions through our Clubs program! This year with over 15 different clubs, there is something for everyone. Students are learning new skills and explore new passions all in a safe and encouraging environment! All our clubs celebrate different successes and accomplishments throughout the… Read more »

Highlander Highlight

  Meet Brooke Smithson. Grade 5 student at GAA and accomplished actor! When she was younger, Brooke was fascinated with actors. She expressed an interest in trying out acting and her Mom found her an agent. “I go to a lot of auditions”, explains Brooke, “it can be a little bit scary. You need to… Read more »

H2 Crew

It’s hard to pick just one thing that makes GAA different from other schools. Our motto is “Where We Can Make a Difference” and those are words that shape every aspect of our programme and are the foundation of our school pillars. Our H2 Crew programme is in its second year and is ready to… Read more »