Canadian Astronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar

Dr. Roberta Bondar and the National Academy Orchestra


Students from Glenn Arbour Academy had the privilege of listening to the National Academy Orchestra (conducted by Maestro Boris Brott) today as they performed works by:     

John Williams – the Star Wars Theme
Music from Harry Potter
Holst – Mars from The Planets
Alexina Louie – River of Stars
Beethoven – Ode to Joy sing-a-long
Alexander Brott – Spheres in Orbit

As you can see, there was a “Space/Science” theme to the concert.  The NAO shared the stage with Dr. Roberta Bondar – Canada’s first woman in space.  Dr. Bondar’s own photographs from space added an extra dimension to the sounds of the orchestra during the multi-media concert.  Prior to the finale, Dr. Bondar took time to answer questions from the students and gave an inspiring message of hope, unity and perseverance.  Her final message to the students was, “be passionate about what you do and never lose your curiosity.” 

Before, during, and after the concert, GAA students made this blogger proud!  They represented their school extremely well and practiced proper concert etiquette.  Two ushers approached me and had positive statements regarding our “well disciplined” students.     

Mack and Emily gave the concert a “two-thumbs up” review.