Bring Back the Salmon

On Monday, May 25 we said goodbye to 89 of our friends that have been with us since January!

Back in January, Matthew (a biologist with the Bring Back the Salmon program) delivered salmon eggs to GAA to place in our classroom hatchery. A few weeks ago the eggs hatched and the baby salmon known as fry instinctively swam for cover into the crevices between the gravel in our aquarium. With Matthew’s help, our intermediate class released the fry into Bronte Creek where they will mature for the next two to three years before heading out Lake Ontario.

Hopefully in five to seven years, we will see the salmon come back to Bronte Creek to spawn and through the use of genetic markers, we will be able to identify our adult salmon.

The classroom hatchery and release portion of the Bring Back the Salmon program gives GAA students the opportunity to participate in real world science and contribute to the conservation of a valuable resource.