April 27

And last week at the Glenn….

Students showcased their talents each day this week during our opening ceremonies. We heard singers, watched dancers and martial arts demonstrations, listened to drum, piano, and guitar solos, ending the week with a musical number from our Highlander Choir and All School choir!

What did you do to help the earth on Earth Day?

Our Green Team ran a successful bottle drive campaign. For everyone 100 bottles/cans collected 1 plant would be planted. We planted lots of pansies. Our outdoor classroom is looking very colourful! Classrooms were involved in Earth day activities and made pledges to the earth. Mother Earth, we do have a complaint though…we do not like snow and hail in April Mother Nature! We prefer April showers.

Mystery Reader sighting!

Thank you AM for reading to the Kindie class! They really enjoyed the book!

Banner Baby!

Congratulations to our Elementary U14 Ball hockey team for bringing home a banner in the SSAF tournament held on Monday. Congratulations also go to our U10 Ball Hockey team that also brought home the Silver on Thursday! Way to go Highlanders!

And just when you thought it ended… Congrats to all of our participants for “Standing Up and Saying Something” in our annual Oratorical Competition held on Thursday. Congrats to BJ for his speech about Tips of Getting What You Want from your Parents, Honorary Mention to SB about The Importance of Family. Congrats to HS for her speech about Living Life to the Fullest and Honorary Mention to AC about Confidence. Congrats to VB for her speech and Superstitions and Honorary Mention to BP about the Pan Am Games! Judges you had some difficult decisions to make!

I wonder what will happen this week?