• 1. Where do we get the uniforms?
    GAA’s new uniform supplier is Uniform Basics: 255 Industrial Pkwy S, Aurora, ON L4G 3V5,  (905) 726-1215 uniformbasics.com

    1. 2. How many field trips?
    2. Field trips occur throughout the year, as well as guest speakers. Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 attend trips to Ottawa, Quebec and New York. These trips are set at the beginning of the year and are not included in the tuition fees.
    1. 3. Beverage program
    2. Our parent association, GAAPTA runs a milk program throughout the year that is pre-paid for at the beginning of the year. Funds raised through the milk program are used to help purchase wish list items which the teachers and students benefit from.
    1. 4. All day or half day kindergarten (what is available)
      Junior Kindergarten students have the option of attending the program for 3 full days or 5 full days. The Senior Kindergarten program is available 5 full days
    2. 5. Curriculum (how does it compare to public schools)
      Our curriculum exceeds the ministry guidelines. With the small class sizes, one on one instruction, in depth studies and frequent testing.
    3. 6. EQAO testing
      Glenn Arbour does not participate in EQAO testing. We have frequent informal testing throughout the school year and we implement the Canadian Test of Basic Skills in the spring to students in Grade 3-8.
    4. 7. Snow day procedures
      Please note when there is a snow day the following will be in place after the Halton Board has cancelled their buses:

    You will receive a phone call from your homeroom teacher
    You will receive an email from your homeroom teacher
    An announcement will be made on 102.9fm
    An announcement will be made on CHCH TV
    There will be a message on the school phone

    1. 8. When can I drop of my child?
      Before school begins at 7am , regular drop off time is at 8:20am
    2. 9. How much is the before/after care?
      $12 for a single child and $18 for a family.
    3. 10. Is there a separate play area for the kindergartens?
      JK-Grade 8 students share the same recess time and play area .
    4. 11. How is discipline handled?
      A positive approach is taken for all discipline. We have a gotcha program in place. Teachers speak with students right away when an issue is brought to their attention. If the Director needs to get involved then she will.  A code of ethics is outlined in the student handbook for students, parents and teachers.
    5. 12. Do the students have to share computers or are there enough for each student?
      There is a computer for each student in the computer lab.
    6. 13. Is the school looking into eventually getting interactive boards (SmartBoards)?
      All homeroom classrooms have SmartBoards.
    7. 14. Are computers integrated in all subjects?
      Yes they are. We believe that it is important to incorporate cross curricular teaching