There are a variety of clubs offered at lunch time to help enhance the learning experience of the student.

GAA is proud to have a Green Team.  Students from all grades are welcome to join.  We have regular meetings to discuss initiatives that we would like to introduce through the year.  Members of the Green Team host events such as: bake sales, where we only sell items that are green in colour!  Earth Day is celebrated school wide and students are involved in activities through the day, specifically what class produces the least amount of garbage and will be the recipient of the Oscar the Grouch Award.  Students attend local youth conferences and our school is a proud recipient of the Green Apple Grant.  We created an outdoor classroom which is a popular area to read, talk with a friend or host a lesson in.

Chess Club- Students experience playing chess on a traditional board or play on the Smart Board. Students are also taught defensive and offensive strategies as they gain experience.

Choir- Junior and Senior Students learn songs throughout the year that are performed at our annual concerts and graduation ceremonies. Choirs learn proper choral techniques such as breathing, standing and etiquette. Students also compete in local festivals.

Music Ensemble- Students experience creating music with the instrument of their choice. They learn improvisational skills as well. Ensemble is showcased in our concerts and events throughout the year.