Our enriched Academic Program offers students every opportunity to be successful. We focus on readying our students for the future by teaching problem solving skills, fostering inquiry, creativity, exploration and mindfulness.

Our enthusiastic, dedicated teachers deliver the curriculum using a variety of fun, inspiring classes that combine traditional instruction with performance based assessment and project based learning. This creates a program that is uniquely GAA!

The Mathematics program is comprehensive and concepts from every math strand are woven together and connected throughout the year. Skills or concepts are reinforced throughout the years, helping students build a strong foundation of understanding. We also integrate the use of online practice so that students can focus on refining their skills in an exciting, fun way that provides them with immediate feedback for further development.

We go beyond the Ontario Ministry of Education Elementary Curriculum offering unique programs like Science Fair, Oratoricals, Community Citizenship Integration, and service learning. Beginning in Junior Kindergarten, our students have dedicated French, Music, Art, Computers and Technology and Media Arts classes.