Dear Lisa:

As Evan approaches the final stretch of his 5 year tenure with Glenn Arbour, Cheryl and I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you and your dedicated team for the opportunity you have provided him.

As parents, we want to expose our children to environments that give them the opportunity to reach their full potential. As we reflect on Evan’s years @ GAA, we couldn’t be more confident that our decision to bring Evan to your school provided both academic and personal growth that we couldn’t have found elsewhere.

One of GAA’s strengths is its ability to provide focused attention to those who need it, without limiting the growth of others. GAA’s academic program is built upon a foundation of strong parent communication which ensures that inevitable academic challenges can be resolved, and the parent can decide if, and when, they will become involved in the resolution.

Socially, the school has created an atmosphere in which all success can be celebrated. We are all aware of the negative peer pressure and bullying incidents prevalent in other systems. Not only has GAA avoided having any type of destructive environment, but rather, a setting has been created which permitted Evan to develop a desire to succeed.

A final thanks to the group of special teachers that have taught Evan over these few years. Many have balanced the role of teacher, mentor, coach and friend. This student/teacher relationship must be challenging for a teacher to maintain, but helped to create an engaged, motivated student. We hope you are able to continue to promote this culture within your team.

It has been a privilege for Evan to belong here. You have taught him to want to learn, and given him the confidence to follow through.

Ken & Cheryl Attard


Hi Mr. K,

Thank you for the nice message but it is us who should be thanking you for taking the time to put together such a lovely music recital. I’m sure I speak on behalf of many when I say that you are such a great teacher and wonderful leader to your students. Your love of music and teaching is so apparent in your dedication and commitment. Mya and Hannah are inspired in your classes and always come home with funny stories and interesting facts that you have passed on. We listen to music everyday at our house, both classic and current, and know how beneficial it is to the girls development, and because of our heavy science background, we appreciate your strong your science lessons and overall influence.

So thank YOU for taking some personal time and organizing Friday’s recital as well as being a fantastic teacher in every way!

Natalie Nardone


I have fun working, playing with my friends and running. I like math and science because I like to work hard and subtract and add. My teacher gives me more challenging work sheets than I had before. The other teachers help me a lot like helping to zip up my coat!
Grade 1


Glenn Arbour is an amazing school. Throughout my years of going to Glenn Arbour Academy I have learned life skills and knowledge that I will use all through my life. The whole environment of Glenn Arbour is relaxed and always fun. I learn new things everyday so my days are never boring. I am always laughing and having fun so anything I learn I will always remember, The teachers are amazing because they make learning fun, we do experiments and group discussions so we all hear everyone’s opinions and beliefs. I am very blessed to have such an amazing education at Glenn Arbour Academy.
Grade 8

This locker belonged to Laura of grade 8 of the school year 08/09.  Please take good care of the locker.  I love this school.
Grade 8