Weekly outlines -weekly outlines are a great communication tool for the parents. They have the opportunity to see what is going on each week in the different subjects. Tests and projects are posted on the outlines and parents are given ample notice about due dates.

Daily communication with parents - Parents have an opportunity before the day begins and after school ends to touch base with the teachers. This is a great way to keep teachers informed of how the night and morning went for the student. Teachers also have the opportunity to discuss anything that occurred during the day to the parents.

Emails to teachers – Emailing is a wonderful communication tool to use. Responses will be given within a 48 hour time frame during school hours.

Report cards - Report cards are issued 3 times a year. The Observation Report is a snap shot of what has happened within the first 6 weeks, for the subjects, of Math, Language and French. Goals are set for each student to work towards. A Parent/Teacher interview is scheduled for this time.

First Term Academic reports are sent home at the end of January. This report card gives the parents a detailed explanation of how the student has been doing from September to Mid January. This report card reflects letter grades and includes all of the subjects studied. Goals are also set in this report card. A formal Parent/Teacher interview is also scheduled for this report card.

The final report is issued the last day of school. This report is also a detailed description of what the student has achieved academically from Mid January to June.

Glenn Arbour Academy is pleased to offer the Canadian Test of Basic Skills testing in the spring. This testing is designed to provide a measure of many of the important skills students learn at school.  Teacher’s knowledge of student abilities is learned through a variety of sources, i.e. daily classroom work, observation, informal tests, projects, conversations and conferences, extracurricular activities. To these important sources of information the Canadian Test of Basic Skills, administered yearly to Grade 3 -8 students adds a valuable perspective of educational achievement by providing objective evidence of achievement.

School Organization

Primary JK – Grade 3

Junior Grades 4-6

Senior Grades 7-8