Our program is guided by the following school pillars:

Academic Excellence
• French beginning in Junior Kindergarten
• Dedicated Computers and Technology Program for JK-8
• Media Literacy classes
• Cumulative Math program
• Integrated technology
• Senior School Laptop program
• Authentic, project based learning
• Tailored independent learning profiles

Self Confidence
• opportunity for taking risks in a safe and nurturing environment
• leadership at all grade levels
• daily successes
• peer supported community
• positive teaching and learning environment

Community Minded Citizenship
• opportunity to work in the community
• opportunity to think about the world around
• collaboration with community organizations
• examination of our roles in the community
• real world problem solving
• compassion and empathy

Lifelong Learning
• discovery of passions
• inspired learning
• new and innovative learning styles

Problem Solvers
• opportunities for problem analysis
• focus on perseverance
• learning through commitment
• creative approach to looking at problems
• outcome and process based learning