A great start to the day!

During Opening Exercises this morning we sang O’Canada and repeated the Lord’s Prayer in French.  We learned about an interesting fact relating the France: The tour de France is the world’s most famous cycle race.  The race began in 1903.  The winning bike rider gets to wear a yellow shirt to show that he is the leader of the race!   We listened to a poem written by one of our grade 4 students relating to our We Scare Hunger Food Drive:

I scare hunger yes I do.

Why don’t you help, yes me and you.

Please be a dear and donate food here,

After we are done hunger will not

Be here for very long!

Happy Halloween!

What an inspirational poem!  We viewed the new jerseys for Team Canada Finally, celebrated gotchas for the month of September, students from each class were given certificates for their positivity.   Mr. Baker received one as well from a parent!  Way to go everyone, keep up the great work.  I wonder what the rest of the day will bring?