2013 Science Fair

Have you ever wondered how beverages such as coffee, tea or grape juice affect our teeth?  Just how much protection do helmets and padding protect us in a game of hockey?  Let’s go out on a limb and test the old myth of hot water freezing faster than cold water.  Finally, if you read the fine print on some popcorn packages, the manufacturers suggest storing them within a temperature range.  Does it really matter where you store the iconic movie snack?

At GAA’s annual science fair, these questions (and many more) were asked, hypothesized and tested.  The students from grades five to eight participated in the annual event.  The level of sophistication and depth of research was very impressive.  Our judges, Mr. Attard (parent of alumnus and chemical engineer), Mr. Cowie (PhD. student of chemistry) and our own Mr. Baker interviewed the students from grades seven and eight to discuss each of their science projects.  The winner and runner up for the respective grades will be announced on Monday.

After the judging was complete, the rest of the students and parents had an opportunity to see some amazing exhibits.  It was great to see the enthusiasm from the students as they explained and discussed their experiments to their peers and the parents.  As one parent commented, “I have never seen children so excited and passionate about science!”  Congratulations to all the participants on a very successful science fair.