2012 Christmas Show – A Huge Success!

All the stockings were hung and the carols were sung…

Staff and students were busy throughout the last several weeks preparing for GAA’s annual Christmas Show.  On Tuesday, December 11, the finishing touches were put in place.  As parents, friends and alumni started arriving, they were treated to some old fashioned style caroling as they approached the school entrance.  Once inside, they eagerly awaited for the doors to the gymnasium to open.  When the doors opened, one could feel that this was not going to be an ordinary evening.  The gymnasium was beautifully transformed into an auditorium.  Evidence of hard work by both staff and students were quite evident along the walls and the wonderful stage design.

Pre-concert performances were enjoyed by the audience as they settled in to watch GAA’s production of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  The popular poem was recited by the students as songs were timely inserted by each class between stanzas of the poem.  For the finale, all the students re-entered the auditorium to perform Pachelbel’s Canon in D with the First Noel and John Lennon’s Happy Xmas(War is Over).  The combined choirs performed a school favourite – Christmas Time by Bryan Adams for the encore.

‘Twas certainly a GAA Christmas Concert.  All the hours of practice and preparation by the students and teachers were well appreciated by those in attendance.  Aside from “Merry Christmas”, the next most popular phrase at the end of the concert summed it up, “every year it gets better!”

Congratulations to all the students for an utterly amazing evening of Christmas festivities!